Meet Sprinkle

We're a small team of marketers, developers, and designers in NYC.

We build and market products for clients, ourselves, and you.

Our philosophy is that great products don't need much to sell, just a little sprinkle.

The Team

David Krevitt Sprinkle
David Krevitt, Partner

Data science and operations. Former data analysis at BlackRock.

Anthony Guidarelli Sprinkle
Anthony Guidarelli, Partner

Product and architecture. Former analyst at Deutsche Bank.

Ryan Kulp Sprinkle
Ryan Kulp, Partner

Sales and marketing. Former growth director at YC / Techstars alumni.

Paul Sondhi Sprinkle
Paul Sondhi, Growth and Ops

Paul is a student at New York University studying Finance and Computer Science.

Arnold Sanders Sprinkle
Arnold Sanders, Developer

Arnold is a bio grad and self-taught developer, building apps in the retail+tech space and exploring everything else in between.

Steph Lee Sprinkle
Steph Lee, Camp Organizer

Steph is a marketing and technology strategist who also teaches yoga and dance.